Strategic vision of Northern Light Venture Capital Group – Alpha Achieve Limited Group was established in 2009 to leverage Hong Kong SAR’s unique role as the gateway to China. Specifically, Hong Kong is a global financial center and has the most history and connection for foreign investors who wish to benefit from the tremendous investment opportunities afforded in mainland China.  Due diligence, deal sourcing, and strategic alliances are all possible for mainland China when operating with accomplished executives and a management team based in Hong Kong. It is for these strategic reasons that NLVC established the Alpha Achieve Limited Group as an independent, standalone entity that substantively builds value inside HKSAR to achieve superior returns from venture growth capital investments in China.

NLVC is a passive investor and shareholder of AAL and its affiliated entities. AAL and its affiliated entities operate separately but in close partnership with affiliates of NLVC such as advisors in mainland China that help source investment opportunities and provide diligence and updated reporting post-investment. AAL and its affiliated entities are careful to avoid establishing a permanent establishment in China and prefer to base its activities substantively in Hong Kong SAR.

Day-to-day management in Hong Kong – The day-to-day investment management operations of each entity are handled by a Hong Kong based management team who reviews and conducts diligence on opportunities based in China.  They submit opportunities to the Investment Committee for approval. Subsequent to investment, the management team oversees the investment including analysing financial performance, participate in board meetings, and maintain the interests of the investing entity until eventual exit of the investment.

The Investment Committee – Investment decisions – An Investment Committee is situated with a majority of the members always outside of Hong Kong when investment decisions are resolved. Representatives of the shareholder and other fiduciaries serve on the Investment Committee which makes all binding actions on behalf of Alpha Achieve Limited and its affiliates, always outside of Hong Kong. Therefore while the day to day functions of the group are substantively in Hong Kong, all investment decisions (specifically but not limited to resolutions to invest, execute investment documents, and any disposal agreements including securities sales) occur outside Hong Kong. The group maintains investment committee members from with distinguished track records in global venture capital particularly in the United States.