About the Alpha Achieve Limited Group

Alpha Achieve Limited Group (“AAL”), based in Hong Kong, invests in growth capital opportunities in the People’s Republic of China, in the following sectors:

  • Consumer
  • Enterprise
  • Health Care

AAL invests directly onshore into Chinese enterprises, creating CJV, EJV or other approved foreign-invested structures in China.  AAL is privately held. AAL is an affiliate investment of  Northern Light Venture Capital (its majority shareholder) but AAL operates independently with its own directly active management team and separate investment committee.

AAL strives to add value to businesses beyond capital through strategic acumen and advisory as an investor and shareholder.

AAL has affiliate sister entities, True Vantage Limited (“TVL”), Immense Vantage Limited (“IVL”), Beta Achieve Limited (“BAL”), Alpha Achieve High Tech Limited (“AAHTL”) and Alpha Achieve Dynamic Limited (“AADL”) that all operate with the same strategic vision and investment objectives underneath the AAL Group umbrella.