Investment Holdings

As of March 31, 2016, the investment holdings of the group include the following:

Alpha Achieve Limited

  • China Special Article Logistics Co. Ltd. (Beijing) (中特物流有限公司) – LOGISTICS -the leading large, dangerous, international, shipping logistics and distribution “special” logistics group in China.
  • Thunder Software Technology Co. Ltd. (SHE:300496) (中科创达软件科技(北京)有限公司) – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Listed on the ChiNext stock exchange, the company is a world leading smart device platform technology provider.  The company has operations in 10 cities in China as well as international offices in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the United States.
  • Epitop Optoelectronic Co. Ltd. Yuan Rong (Ma An Shan) (NEEQ:832502) (馬鞍山圓融光電科技有限公司) – ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – Registered on the NEEQ stock exchange in Beijing, the company is involved in the production of LED epitaxial wafers, chips, and other downstream products used in LED related solutions such as solid state lighting.
  • Beijing Sustainable Green Energy ET, Co. Ltd. (Beijing) (北京中持綠色能源環境技術有限公司) – CLEAN TECHNOLOGY – The company is a leading integrated environmental service provider, assisting municipalities, industrial parks, and business groups in meeting environmental standards through services such as water treatment technologies. The company has submitted an application for ChiNext IPO.
  • Halation Photonics Corporation (Beijing & Suzhou) (蘇州漢朗光電有限公司) – ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – Founded in 2007, it is the world’s leading multi-stable LCD technology developer.  The company is committed to intelligent electronic price tag and industry applications provide solutions, new multi-stable liquid crystal display devices, intelligent dimming glass product development and other innovations.
  • Shenzhen Micropoint Bioscience Co. Ltd. (Shenzhen) (NEEQ: 835054) (深圳微點生物技術有限公司) – HEALTH CARE – Registered on the NEEQ stock exchange in Beijing, Micropoint is improving patient care by providing rapid, accurate, reliable and low cost diagnostic products at the Point of Care. Micropoint’s innovations on the mLabs® platform represents a technological breakthrough in Point of Care Testing with patented MEMS/microfuidic technologies and advanced immunoassay system.
  • InMaQ (MasaMaso) (Beijing) (北京九合尚品科技有限公司) – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY –  The company is a leading online only apparel retailer.  The company is in process of a NEEQ listing.
  • Gigadevice Semiconductor, Inc. (Beijing) (北京兆易创新科技股份有限公司) – SEMICONDUCTOR – The company is one of the world’s leading providers of non volatile memory (NVM) devices and is the first fabless company engaged in advanced memory and micro controller designs in mainland China.  The company was established in 2005.  The company has submitted an application for China A-share IPO and is expected to list in 2016.
  • STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS: AAL is also a strategic limited investor into selected foreign invested venture capital investment enterprises (FIVCIE) in China, in partnership with the Zhongguancun district in Beijing and Oriza Holdings, based in Suzhou Industrial Park in Jiangsu province.  These FIVCIE entities invest in early stage technology venture capital opportunities in China in partnership with the local strategic investors mentioned therein.

Through affiliate True Vantage Limited

  • Shanghai Austri Wind Power Technology Co. Ltd. (Shanghai) (上海東銳風電技術有限公司) – CLEAN TECHNOLOGY – The company is focused on the safe operation of high tech wind power equipment manufacturing and service enterprises.
  • Cista Systems Corp. (Shanghai) (芯视达有限公司 ) – SEMICONDUCTOR – The company is a leading developer of image sensors used in electronic devices including smart phones.
  • Zonton Energy Technology Co. Ltd. (Beijing) (众通(北京)能源技術股份有限公司)  – CLEAN TECHNOLOGY – Zonton(Beijing)Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the Beijing Chaoyang District Wangjing, is a high-tech enterprises. The company is focused on the oil field downhole service integration technology.

Through affiliate Immense Vantage Limited

  • Coyote Bioscience Co. Ltd. (Beijing) (卡尤迪生物科技) – HEALTH CARE – Coyote Bioscience is dedicated to making break-through innovations in molecular diagnostics that brings complex clinical testing directly to the patient. Coyote offers completed point-of-care molecular diagnostic solutions by providing both devices and consumables.
  • Beijing Xiao Xiong Technology, Co. Ltd (Beijing) (北京小熊快跑科技有限公司)  – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Bear Run is a fitness venues and fitness platform to connect users. From April 2015 when it was founded, the company has built a national platform to gather 1 million + paying ten thousand of users and fitness gyms.
  • Zhejiang Incarey Medical Technology Co. Ltd.  (Zhejiang) (浙江云开亚美医药科技股份有限公司) – HEALTH CARE – The company was established in 2011 as a spin-out of listed companies Hisun Pharmaceutical (stock code 600267) holding company. The company is a leading major chronic diseases specialist pharmacy drug chain.  The company has built a collection of online pharmacies, high-end chain, pharmacists professional services as one of the best pharmaceutical commercial enterprises, aimed to build China’s most professional medical e-commerce retail platform.